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Take a load off and let one of our professionals help you relax

Massage Services

Beneficial Massage Services

Massages aren't only good for your peace of mind. Massages are also proven to provide greater joint flexibility and help to improve your range of motion.

massages massage Deep tissue massage
  • 45 min session - Focused to area needed. $50

  • Body Polish $55

  • Hot Stone Massage $75

  • 45 min Relaxation Massage $50

  • 60 min Swedish Massage $60

  • 90 min Swedish Massage $75

  • 60 min Deep Tissue Massage $75

  • 45 min Massage Includes 30 Minute Far Infrared Sauna Treatment $60


* Infrared sauna can be added with any spa service only $10


Massage rates:


The most commonly used form of massage and it is the basis for all other types of therapeutic massage in the U.S. There are 5 types of strokes used in Swedish; the most common ones are long gliding strokes and kneading. Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing.  

Contraindication for sauna use: heart defibrillator, pregnancy, seizures, silicone implants, diabetes, steel implants.

If you have back acne, back pain and just need to unwind with a relaxing back treatment this spa service is designed for your needs. The service begins with 40 minutes detoxing in the far-infrared sauna. Health Benefits: Reduces stress, high blood pressure, weight loss, (burning 600 calories in 30 min.) Rheumatoid arthritis, muscle soreness from injuries, purifying your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation resulting in clearer softer and healthier skin.

Afterwards be treated with a back cleansing scrub, exfoliation of dry dead skin cells. (If needed extractions will be performed at this time.) Hot towels will be applied with a 15 minute back massage. Last but not least, enjoy a warm soothing detoxing seaweed mask and removed with warm towels.




Back Treatment without infrared sauna.



30-40 min session

Package with 6 Sessions



Infrared Sauna

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