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Be happy with your smile!

SmileLABS Services

SmileLABS teeth whitening technology is a professional grade teeth whitening treatment. The SmileLABS Peroxide-based Whitening Gel is designed to give you the brightest smile in the shortest amount of time.


You won't have to worry about irritated gums or sensitivity issues because the equipment is designed for the gel to be directly applied to the teeth while staying away from the gums, cheeks and tongue.

Bright White Teeth

You can get the smile you've always wanted when you come to Glo Spa in Jeffersonville, Indiana for your teeth whitening. Using SmileLABS technology, you'll leave our spa with noticeably brighter teeth.





beautiful smile SmileLABS smile


Paula uses a 16% hydrogen peroxide gel activated by a LED Blue light. In 15 minutes teeth can be 4-5 shades whiter.  30 minutes teeth will be 6-7 shades whiter.

Single session 15 minutes at $198

Double session 30 minutes at $250

before and after teeth whitening

Paula Milby Certified SmileLABS Technician

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